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When I was in Grade 7 in 1968, Vikki F. played her 12-string Gibson guitar and sang folk music. That is when I decided to become a folk singer. Vikki taught me my first three chords ~ G, C and D. Then, as a bonus, Em. You can do a lot with those chords. 


By high school I was dressing in hippy clothes and playing folksongs and gospel songs at Victoria Park in Kitchener with a bunch of other freaks. We described ourselves that way before anyone else could! 


A woman I met told me she had played guitar as a teenager and enjoyed it, but once she grew up and had a family she didn't play anymore. And that would happen to me. 


But I said she was wrong. 


And now, more than 50 years later, I still play guitar. I have added ukulele, ocean drum, rainstick, singing bowls, and kazoo to blend with my stories. 

My repertoire is eclectic. But for adults I mostly rely on the stories in old ballads from the Middle Ages. They deal with adult themes of love and death. And folksongs, of course. 

Children know how to do music; singing and dancing with wild abandon. Their songs are stories too, and so are the movements that go along with them.

So, that just goes to show that even though I didn't become a folk singer, I kind of did, and wandered into stories so I could tell them. Not bad, eh? 



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