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We have been captured by the storytelling circles and attend whenever possible thanks to Brenda who sets an example for other storytellers to emulate.  Norm M.

Brenda has an extraordinary knack of enchanting her storytelling audience of adults and children alike. We, the listeners are transported to the world she creates and we are reluctant to come back.  Sue M.

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Brenda did a 90-minute storytelling presentation for my graduate Library and Information Science students at The University of Western Ontario. Her quirky sense of humour and joyous presence is a delight to behold. I’d hire Brenda again in a heartbeat.  Diane H.

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Brenda has a wonderful rapport with her listeners.  An added bonus to her telling is the music she sometimes weaves into her sets with her guitar and voice. Brenda is dedicated, talented, and has a wicked sense of humour.  If she tells at Latitudes Storytelling Festival, I will definitely be in the audience.  Mary-Eileen M.


It is always a delight to hear your stories and ballads. You have a fascinating repertoire, and new additions are beautifully crafted. You have an enviable way of finding just the right story or song to suit your own style, your voice, your audience, and your intentions with any set. I look forward to hearing more.  Carol Leigh W.                                                                                                                                

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